Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Inside Out: AMC Theater Exclusive Pins

inside out pins anger

Here we have an AMC movie theater exclusive Inside Out Anger pin! This was only available to members of the AMC "Stubs" reward program (a $12 a year membership) who saw the film in back in June. It measures about 1 1/3" tall.

Pins of the other four emotions were also available, as well as a rare (one out of 50) Bing Bong. They were all "while supplies last" (meaning that they all must have been relatively limited) and were distributed in "blind bags". While I'm not a member of this rewards program (so I'm not totally familiar with exactly how it works), I got a hold of this in a cool, roundabout way.

When I was visiting my wife's family for a wedding earlier this month, my brother in-law Johnny told me he had something to give me...and this was it! He actually has some friends who follow my blog (Matthan & Noah) and they were the ones who gave Johnny this to give to me (Phew, ha!).

inside out pins

Anyway, that was super thoughtful and I appreciate it a ton. It's really cool! A big thanks to both of them for this awesome little addition to my collection. If you're interested in tracking it down yourself (or any of the others), be sure to visit this direct link to current eBay listings. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and be sure to check back daily for more from my collection of Pixar merch and memories!

UPDATE 11/08/15-  
Thanks to my good friends T.J. and Julie (over at, I now have the the rest of the AMC theater exclusive Inside Out emotion pins! Since they happened to have a few extras (and since they knew I previously only had Anger), they were nice enough to send me these four as a surprise this past week. Again, that was very thoughtful! You know I love completing collections.

Check out each pin in more detail below (this time mint on the card)-

inside out pins joy
inside out pinsinside out pins inside out pins
amc inside out

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amc inside out

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