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Monsters Inc: "Tsum Tsum" Mini Plush Collection

disney monsters inc tsum tsums

Everybody scream with excitement! This past Tuesday (July 5th), this monstrously fun assortment of eight Disney·Pixar Monsters Inc. Tsum Tsums was released exclusively at the Disney Store. Monsters Inc. is one of my all time favorite Pixar films (I want to say it's in my top three and I believe it's my wife Brita's top favorite), so we were incredibly jazzed about these (you know- like the jazz music in the film? Ok, that pun was a stretch).


Many of you visiting here are Disney collectors and/or familiar with these, but I know there are still a lot of people out there that are asking "what the heck is a Tsum Tsum?" In short, Tsum Tsums were first introduced in Japan in 2013 to coincide with the release of the Japanese Disney mobile app game of the same name. Ultimately they're just stylized, stackable, bean bag plush based on popular Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars characters...but boy are they adorable!

In the summer of 2014, they made they're way here to the U.S. (along with the mobile game) and can be found at the Disney Store and in the Disney parks. Select characters make there way over to Target and [most recently] Walmart stores as well. "Tsum Tsum" (pronounced "Soom Soom") literally means "Stack Stack" in Japanese.

Now, new Tsum Tsums are released twice a month (every first and third Tuesday) and are available in a variety of different sizes. They're really quite the Disney fad right now! And I'm sucked right in.

These plushies are part of the Tsum Tsum "mini" collection and are only about 3 1/3" in size. In this assortment, there are eight characters total (two of which are actually Disney Store Online exclusives): Mike Wazowski, Sulley, Boo (online exclusive), Boo in Monsters Costume, Fungus, Roz, Randall and Celia (online exclusive). Lets take a closer look at each one!

Mike Wazowski 
disney monsters inc tsum tsums mike
disney monsters inc tsum tsums mike

disney monsters inc tsum tsums sulleydisney monsters inc tsum tsums sulley

Boo (Online Only)
disney monsters inc tsum tsums boodisney monsters inc tsum tsums boo

Boo (In Monster Costume)
disney monsters inc tsum tsums boo in costumedisney monsters inc tsum tsums boo in costume

disney monsters inc tsum tsums fungus

disney monsters inc tsum tsums rozdisney monsters inc tsum tsums roz

I have to point out Roz's mole detail...hilarious!

disney monsters inc tsum tsums roz

disney monsters inc tsum tsums randalldisney monsters inc tsum tsums randall

 Celia (Online Only)
disney monsters inc tsum tsums celiadisney monsters inc tsum tsums celia

All in all, I love this set and I'm so happy to see Monsters Inc. characters back on store shelves (even for this brief time). All the subtle details and all their funny little outfits are just so great! Mike, Sulley, Boo in costume and Roz might be my favorites here, but heck, each one has its own charm and they look especially good when stacked all together. If you're a fan of Monsters Inc., be sure to pick these up! Sound out your favorites in the comments below.

You can pick these up at your local Disney Store today or visit their website HERE to purchase. Retail is $5.95 each. NOTE: Larger size Tsum Tsums of Sulley and Mike are also available.

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