Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cars 3: Rex Revler (Gask-its)

cars 3 mattel diecast rex revler gask-its

Tonight was another long day and once again it's getting late over here, so I'm going to be posting on another simple Mattel Cars 3 1:55 scale diecast release...Rex Revler! Or better known by his sponsor, Gask-its (No. 80). I know, not too exciting—but hey, every car needs to be documented!

Revler here is a Piston Cup racer and the successor of Sage VanDerSpin, who was the Gask-its sponsored racer in the first Cars film (and yes, they look almost completely identical). Overall though, this is another solid, well done diecast and a welcome addition to my racer collection.

Usually I try and include a screen shot of where the different characters are in the films, but this one I could not find! I poured over the HD Cars 3 Blu-Ray footage on my computer for quite some time (all the opening racing scenes), even pausing it a bunch, and could not spot him (not even as just a blur). All the racers zoom past the camera so fast, but I know he's there somewhere. If anyone else happens to see him, be sure to screenshot his appearance for me and send it over! Are you up to the challenge?

cars 3 mattel diecast rex revler gask-its

Despite being released over six months ago, Rex Revler is still pretty easy to find (at least in my area on the east coast). Check your local Target, Toys R Us or Walmart if you're still trying to add this one to your collection! If not, you can always purchase him using the direct link to Amazon below for a great price.

Happy hunting!

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