Friday, December 8, 2017

Wall·E: "Lounge in Luxury" Postcard (Pixar Studio Store—Art by Eric Tan)

pixar studio store wall-e postcard art

Here's a really neat and very unique postcard inspired by Wall·E, which was available only at the Pixar Studios Store in Emeryville, CA! I absolutely love the design that artist Eric Tan came up with here, which definitely gives me retro 60's sci-fi vibes (thinking The Jetsons). It's a really fun minimal style.

This is of course an advert type poster graphic advertising "The New BnL Hoverchair", as if this was a real product in the world of Wall·E. If I were really there on the Axiom, I could picture seeing this on a giant billboard or while flipping through some magazine. On the top it says "Lounge in Luxury" and at the bottom it gives a description of the chair and even the chair's dimensions. Another subtle detail is the asterisk noting that the "Walking poolside table" is not included. It's all very clever.

The description of the chair reads: Getting around has never been easier with new Hoverchair from BnL! Improved mechanics, sleek design, and first-class comfort that's second to none! Kick your feet up and enjoy the ride! Available now! 

pixar studio store wall-e postcard art

Are those Wall·E tread marks down the middle of the back of the postcard? Nicely done! Also there on the back it says that the artwork is inspired by "the upcoming film" and to "look for Wall·E product at retailers nationwide in summer 2008." This leads me to believe that this is an older postcard dating all the way back to 2007 or 2008. And that reminds me—can you believe that we're just a few months away from the film's 10th anniversary? That's unreal guys. Wall·E is almost a decade old. UPDATE: I did find out that this postcard was in fact from 2007 and was given out to guests attending the 2007 San Diego Comic Con as well (see some more Pixar designs by Eric Tan from that era HERE) .

Another BIG thanks to my friend [Disney freelance Artist] Jerrod Maruyama, who surprised me with this in a care package a couple months back. This is so unique and something I had never even seen before! And the fact that this doesn't seem to be sold anywhere anymore makes this a pretty rare piece as well. What a gem.

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