Friday, December 29, 2017

Up House Disney Store Sketchbook Collection Ornament (2017)

pixar up house disney store sketchbook ornament

Hello everyone! Don't worry—I'm back. Each year around Christmastime I give myself a little week or two break from the blog due to just pure business, but consider that break over. I'm so excited to get back to my daily posts to share with you all the amazing Pixar items I got for Christmas! Thanks for hanging tight and be sure to stay tuned right here for more soon.

For today's post, I'm taking a look at this stunning Disney·Pixar Up house "Sketchbook Ornament"— which was available exclusively at the Disney Store and! This was originally released in 2016, but I ended up opting out of getting it last year (I don't know why) and instantly regretted it when it sold out. I was so thrilled when it was re-released this year, now sporting the 2017 date! This time I didn't hesitate (and picked it up for a great deal I might add, when it was on sale for only $6).

pixar up house disney store sketchbook ornament

This ornament measures just over 4" tall and originally retailed for $16.95. It's small yes, but look at all that incredible detail packed in! This thing is 100% fantastic and a serious must have for any fan of the film. I actually got it, not to hang on our Christmas tree, but to display on my Up themed shelf in my Pixar home office. It works perfectly as a display piece and adds that perfect pop of color and whimsy I was looking for!

pixar up house disney store sketchbook ornament

This is [unfortunately] already sold out on the ShopDisney site, but you can always check your local Disney Store for availability (it's most likely sold out there too since it went on sale, but it doesn't hurt to call or stop in). Who knows? It might come back again next holiday season, just like it was re-released this year.

Other than that, you can always check current eBay listings HERE (there are plenty available as of now) or Amazon using the provided link. What do you think of this beautiful ornament? Did you pick it up as well? Let me know in the comments below!

pixar up house disney store sketchbook ornament
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