Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cars 3: Strip Weathers AKA "The King" & Jeff Gorvette 2-Pack

cars 3 the king diecast

What's going on Cars fans!? Here's another 2017 Cars 3 Mattel 1:55 scale diecast review for ya'll...this time it's a 2-pack featuring Strip Weathers (AKA "The King") and the Cars 3 version of Jeff Gorvette! This set hit shelves last fall (around late September) and ended up being one of the rarer releases of the year. I actually never found this one at any normal stores in my area; luckily it was available at the Pixar Studio Store when I visited there in November though, so I picked it up there!

The King, of course, is a returning character from the original Cars. Everyone knows him! He has a couple brief appearances in Cars 3 (as Cal Weathers's crew chief during the opening race and then after the Florida 500 race at the end of the film—as shown in the screen shot above) and essentially just one line from what I remember ("Good comeback Cal."). Jeff Gorvette, who was a World Grand Prix racer seen in Cars 2, has a brief cameo near the end of Cars 3 (you can see him being interviewed just before the Florida 500—also shown in the screen shot above). If you remember, he shouts over to Lightning "Hey McQueen! Win one for us old guys." He's really the only reference to the events of Cars 2 in the entire film! 

cars 3 the king diecast

Now as far as the diecasts, they're pretty basic. The King is literally the same as he's been in every one of his releases since 2006. I would liked to have seen at least a different facial expression or even a crew chief headset to mix things up. Oh well! Jeff Gorvette, however, is all new and has a completely new flame job look for Cars 3. This Jeff was never released as a single, so this 2-pack is currently the only way to get him. He looks pretty neat!

FUN FACT: Both of these characters are based on and voiced by real life former NASCAR drivers—"The King" is voiced by the legendary Richard Petty (who also has the nickname of "The King"), while Jeff Gordon (who I guess is also considered legendary at this point) lends his voice to Jeff Gorvette.

And here's a closer look at both of them out of the package !

Strip Weathers "The King"
Cars 3: Strip Weathers AKA "The King" & Jeff Gorvette 2-Pack

Jeff Gorvette
Cars 3: Strip Weathers AKA "The King" & Jeff Gorvette 2-Pack

If you're still trying to track these down for your Cars collection, be sure to check eBay (direct link HERE) or Amazon using the link below. Those are your best bets at finding this set at this point.

Happy hunting! Contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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