Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cars 3: Rich Mixon

cars 3 mattel rich mixon

I'm back with another Mattel Cars 3 1:55 diecast review and today I'm taking a look at Rich Mixon—the Tank Coat sponsored next-generation racer (No. 36)! Rich replaced the stock car racer Reb Meeker (who I haven't reviewed yet, but is in an 11-Pack I have) for the Florida 500 race at the end of Cars 3.  In the original Cars, Eugene Carbureski was the racer for team Tank Coat.

You can see Rich Mixon in the screen shot above during the Florida 500 race. He's one you can't miss due to his bright hot pink color scheme! You might recall that he's actually the first racer to be imagined as a tractor by Cruz Ramirez as she remembers how to "sneak through the window."

cars 3 mattel rich mixon

Rich was first released back in January of this year, but he proved pretty hard to find in my area and I missed grabbing him in stores initially. Luckily he ended up being included in multiple cases since then and I found him at Target a few weeks back! This one even comes with a bonus collector's card featuring the Tank Coat logo.

cars 3 mattel rich mixon

Once again, this is a really cool next-gen racer and it's no wonder why he's on the harder side to find. Kids and collectors gravitate toward his vibrant colors and sleek look! He certainly stands out on store pegs as a neat looking and unique character. Mattel did a fantastic job as usual.

You can still find Rich Mixon on store shelves, so be sure to check your local Walmart or Target for availability. If you'd rather just order him online, check out my direct link to the current Amazon listing below.

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