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Incredibles 2: "Junior Supers" Figure Collection (By Jakks Pacific) WAVE 2

junior supers incredibles 2 wave 2

Are you a collector of the Incredibles 2 "Junior Supers" line by Jakks Pacific? Well then, you'll be excited to hear that a new wave with several new characters has just started hitting Target stores across the US! To read my full review of the first wave of Junior Supers, check out my original blog post RIGHT HERE.

I had no idea these were coming and was totally taken by surprise when I found them at Target a week or so ago. The new packs include Mr. Incredible & Edna Mode (unfortunately the Mr. Incredible figure is a straight repack, so you'll need to get him again in order to get Edna) and Fire Jack-Jack & Raccoon (both brand new figures). Additionally as part of this second wave, Elastigirl & The Underminer now come in a set, as well as gray suite Elastigirl & Dash—but all of those figures are re-releases without anything new. Obviously I only picked up the two sets with the new figures, but I included a photo at the end of this post showing the other two sets there on the pegs for your reference.

Each of these figures is between 1.5" tall (the raccoon being the smallest) and 3" tall (Mr. Incredible being the largest). They all have about five points or more of articulation (ball joints at the shoulders and swivel neck and legs; Mr. Incredible also has rotating wrists).

Let's take a closer look at each 2-Pack below, in and out of the their packages!

junior supers incredibles 2 edna
junior supers incredibles 2 edna junior supers incredibles 2 edna

junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon
junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon
junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon

I assumed Jack-Jack would be able to sit, but I honestly didn't think he'd be able to stand up on his own. I was proven wrong! All four of these figures stand up surprisingly great without any serious balance issues. From their looks to their stances, these are quality sculpts all around.

junior supers incredibles 2 jack-jack raccoon

As mentioned, below are the other two sets in the wave (the ones completely made up of repacks). Both of the Elastigirls and Dash have already been released in previous 2-packs, while the Underminer had only been available with the Tunneler Playset until now. Too bad any other new characters weren't included in this wave, but I do love the ones we got. Here's to hoping a Wave 3 will be happening soon.

junior supers incredibles 2 wave 2

Edna was on my short list of figures I had hoped to be released, so I'm really happy she was made! She is awesome. The fire Jack-Jack and raccoon set has to take the cake for me's just such a fantastic 2-pack and the figures look so great! I especially love the translucent plastic used for Jack-Jack. Honestly though, this whole Junior Supers range is so well done. I adore the stylization.

Retail for each pack is $6.99. Find them at Target (in the Imaginext isle) or on Amazon using the direct link below! Again, these are quality, fun figures perfect for small hands and imaginative play. If you have a little Incredibles fan at your home, you won't wanna miss out on these ones!

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Are you collecting these? Who would you like to see be made if a Wave 3 happens? I'm still holding out hope for the "wannabe supers".... Voyd, Brick, Krushauer, Reflux, He-Lectrix, etc! Lastly, if you missed any of my previous Junior Super posts, check them all out below:

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