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Knick Knack: Funko Shop Exclusive Snowman Vinyl Figure

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Funko seriously killed it last year with so many amazing and unique Pixar releases; from Bao, to the Pizza Planet Truck and now the Knick Knack Snowman (among a bunch others), I'm just so impressed with their variety in 2018 and that they were able to give us hardcore fans some real treats to drool over. I'm also thrilled that characters from Pixar shorts are finally getting the Funko treatment and, now that the floodgates are open, I'm pumped to see which characters are next.

Knick Knack is an iconic Pixar short film (produced and directed by the man himself, John Lasseter), which originally premiered in 1989 at the SIGGRAPH convention in Boston. Most people, however, know it from its theatrical wide debut when it released in front of Finding Nemo in 2003. It's absolutely one of my favorite shorts due to its classic, clever Pixar humor, its groundbreaking animation and the simple visual storytelling. Any Knick Knack merch I can get my hands on is a must for me, this being only my third item after the 2013 ear hat ornament and last year's pin.

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Just like with the recent Bao figure, this is not considered a Funko "POP!", but rather a "Vinyl Figure". And once again, the packaging is just as special as the figure himself with Funko replicating the character's snow globe environment from the film! It's perfection and I appreciate all the little details put into everything here.

The box is about 7" long x 5" tall x 4" wide and the figure itself is about 4.5" tall (a rough measurement since I'm not going to be taking this one out of the package, at least for the time being). Original retail price was $15.00.

Check him out! How could it get cuter?

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

Another great detail is underneath the box. There's the little exit door just like in the film! They even included the door from the other side (which features the "emergency exit" sign) on the bottom of the inside of the package too— seen on THIS Reddit thread.

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

This is a limited edition (though not sure how many pieces were produced) exclusive which dropped on the last day, December 12th 2018, of Funko's "12 Days of Christmas" event (basically a new limited Funko product was available on their online shop every day from the 1st to the 12th). This was the grand finale to the event and I couldn't have thought of a better choice to end with (though I'm totally biased being the Pixar fan that I am). Some Funko Shop exclusive releases sell out in two minutes or less, but this one took a good eight to ten minutes or so to sell out. It's a good thing too because I got out of a work meeting late and was still able to snag one about eight minutes after it went live on the site. Man was I nervous, but it all worked out!

funko knick knack vinyl figure pixar

If you missed out, don't you worry. Luckily the price has stayed down on eBay and is typically selling for only about $25 or less. I guess demand isn't too high for this guy, which is surprising! Check out THIS DIRECT LINK to current eBay listings if you'd like to add this unique release to your Pixar collection. I obviously can't recommend it enough!

Were you able to grab one of these? Which Pixar short film character would you like to see Funko tackle next? Shout out all your thoughts down below.

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