Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wall·E Mousepad (from Zazzle)

disney pixar wall-e mousepad

Hi everyone! Just when I think I'll have the time to get back to my regular blog posts here, life just gets busier and busier. Sorry I haven't been able to get one up since almost a month ago, but I'm thrilled that I found some time tonight to review one of the items I got for Christmas a few weeks back. Check out this Wall·E inspired mousepad from Zazzle!

I was really in need of a new mousepad (they say these things are dust and stain resistent, but definitely not). The Monsters University one (seen HERE) I got back in the summer of 2017 was getting old and scuffed and I wanted my whole computer desk area to start off the new year clean and fresh. This one was the perfect choice for me! There are so many options out there for Pixar themed mousepads, but I wanted something that made sense themeing wise. Wall·E was the obvious choice this time around, not only because computers in general play a big part in the movie, but also since much of the film does have that clean/minimal Apple computer inspired look and feel to it (even the real life Apple startup sound is used for when Wall·E gets recharged ). It just felt right.

The next step was narrowing down all the cute 30+ Wall·E mousepad designs on Zazzle down to one. This one stood out because the art style is right up my alley and I just liked the simplicity of it. So cute! And yes, the "08" seems to be a direct reference to the year Wall·E was released in theaters.

disney pixar wall-e mousepad

All the mousepads are a standard size of 9.25" L x 7.75" W and retail for $12.25. You can grab this one on Zazzle's site HERE if you're interested in this for your computer desk. You can order it as is, OR completely customize it in terms of color, image placement, text, size, etc.

Let me know your thoughts down below and I hope to see you again real soon for another blog post! Stay tuned.

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