Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pixar Character Blocks Woven Tapestry Throw (ShopDisney)

pixar throw blanket

Ready for the best Pixar blanket currently out there? Check out this "Pixar Character Blocks Woven Tapestry Throw" from ShopDisney! Each Pixar film of the golden era (which I consider 1995-2010; or Toy Story to Toy Story 3) is represented here by at least one to three characters—except for Cars (not sure why that one got left out). These stylized designs are still some of my all time favorites, which date back to 2014 when some of them debuted on THIS Disney Store t-shirt (still one of my fave shirts). These designs were also featured on several giant walls on the show floor of the 2015 D23 Expo (see them in my post HERE; scroll about half way down). I really wonder who the artist is.

This high quality throw measures 60'' H x 48'' W and retails for $39.95 HERE on I absolutely love the overall look and the decorative fringes around all the edges. Don't expect a soft, cozy, or warm blanket with this though. Sure you can curl up with this on the couch if you'd like, but I'd say it's more decorative (could even be used as a rug or hung on the wall; I personally drape mine over my office computer chair which looks great). Also don't expect it to be as bright and colorful as it appears on the ShopDisney listing. The colors are much more muted, as seen in my photo (which isn't a bad thing, I actually think it's really cool that way). 

pixar throw blanket

If you'd like this same design as a brighter, softer blanket, they actually have one at BoxLunch HERE. I prefer the one I have here, but that's just my taste. 

What are you thoughts? Have you picked this up or plan to? Which is your favorite character design of the 16 featured on here (mine has to be that chubby happy Mike Wazowski)? Let me know down in the comments below!

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