Monday, June 17, 2019

Toy Story 2: Al's Toy Barn Mug & Jumbo Pin (ShopDisney)

“Available at all Al's Toy Barn outlets in the Tri-county area.”

Al's Toy Barn got some love out of nowhere earlier this year! The Disney Store (and ShopDisney) released an exclusive range of products surrounding the iconic fictitious toy store from the Toy Story films (most prominent in Toy Story 2), Al's Toy Barn. As seen here, I purchased the mug and the jumbo pin, but there was also a "staff" t-shirt, a tote bag and a pen (included in the Pixar Business Pen Set which I reviewed HERE). Let's take a closer look at what I got! 

First off, we have an Al's Toy Barn mug featuring the instantly recognizable logo (at least to us Disney/Pixar fans) and signature deep "barn red" color. Simple, but I love it! You can totally imagine the store staff having one of these cups and sipping their morning coffee from it in the Toy Story world. For me, I'll be using it to house my Pixar Business Pen Set and will be displaying it on my office desk at work come tomorrow! Finally gonna get some Pixar represented there.

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Ceramic
  • 3 3/4'' H x 3 1/2'' Diameter (5'' W at handle)
  • Holds 12 oz.
  • Retail Price  $12.95
toy story al's toy barn mug

The second item I'm reviewing here is this Al's Toy Barn "Jumbo Pin"! This is another fun and super unique item inspired by what Al McWhiggin's name tag may have looked like while working there at the store. Such a brilliant idea! And for a pin, this thing is pretty big (it certainly earns the "jumbo" name). I'm not a big pin collector, but this was a real standout to me. And let me tell you, I just put it up on my Pixar pin board and it looks awesome. Highly recommend!

  • Metal / enamel
  • Enameled cloisonne  
  •  Goldtone finish
  • Mickey icon pinbacks
  • 2'' H x 3 1/4'' W
  • Retail Price $14.95 
toy story al's toy barn jumbo pin
toy story al's toy barn jumbo pin
toy story al's toy barn jumbo pin

As a long time fan of Toy Story (but especially Toy Story 2), these are some amazing items to have as part of my collection. I didn't really have much for Al's Toy Barn up until now. And honestly looking back, I should have gone for the shirt and tote bag too— but oh well! I would have totally gone for them if only these things really were just a buck, buck, buck. They're definitely not cheap, cheap, cheap.  

The last item out of these still in stock on the website is the mug, so get it HERE while it's still around! Let me know all your thoughts down below. Have you picked up anything from this assortment?

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