Thursday, June 20, 2019

Toy Story 4: Bounty Paper Towels

toy story 4 bounty paper towels


If you've been to literally any store lately, you've probably noticed the Toy Story 4 logo here and there and everywhere you look. So many brands have jumped on the chance to partner with Disney·Pixar to help promote this film, it's really something else! Even Bounty (the quicker picker upper) has released some fantastic paper towels featuring some really adorable limited time Toy Story 4 inspired prints. Let's take a look!

These took a while to hit my area, but I finally found them a few weeks back (on my birthday to be exact) at Stop & Shop— one of the main grocery store chains here on the east coast. Apparently you can also find them at Meijer stores and BJ's; possibly even Target or Walmart, though I haven't spotted them there yet. I would check any of your local grocery stores as you never know where they might be stocked!

toy story 4 bounty paper towels

This particular package I got comes with just two rolls, but there are bigger packs out there as well. Each roll has a different design; one featuring Jessie, Woody and Bullseye and one featuring several other new and classic characters (Alien, Bo Peep, Forky, Jessie, Slinky, Buzz, Ducky, Bunny and Woody) with some subtle carnival elements. I absolutely love the style of these prints! If you happen to know who the artist is, let me know as well so I can give the credit he or she deserves. They're almost too cute to even use!

toy story 4 bounty paper towels

toy story 4 bounty paper towels
toy story 4 bounty paper towels

That's about it! I really just wanted to make you all aware that these exist before they go away. If you have any little Toy Story fans at home, I'm sure they would love having one of these rolls in the kitchen to use while the excitement for the film is in the air! I believe there are even more designs out there included in other packages, so if you got one with anything different from what I have here, let me know down in the comments (and feel free to add a photo).

Have you picked these up or do you plan to? What are your thoughts? Shout 'em out! 

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