Sunday, June 2, 2019

Toy Story 4: Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Woody & Forky Tee (Art by Jeff Pidgeon)

Toy story 4 Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Woody & Forky Tee

For those who enjoy seeing my Pixar Studio Store exclusive t-shirt collection, I have one more for you—and this just be my favorite one yet! Here we have a Toy Story 4 inspired tee featuring a silhouetted, minimal design of Woody and Forky holding hands. I love their friendship already and I know it will be a special part of the film! The awesome art here is by Pixar veteran Jeff Pidgeon, long time Pixar story artist and voice of the squeeze toy aliens. Original retail price was $17.

NOTE: As a reminder, the Pixar Studio Store is only accessible to Pixar employees and their families/guests and is not open to the public. A big thanks to a friend of mine who was kind enough to send this to me!

Toy story 4 Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Woody & Forky Tee

This black, men sized shirt has a Toy Story logo style "4" on the sleeve and "Pixar Animation Studios Emeryville, CA" on the back near the neckline. Very classy. And unlike the last one I got (which you can view HERE), this one has that athletic fit that I prefer! The fit is perfect and just how I like my t-shirts (more narrow, less boxy). I'll be wearing this one a ton, I know it already.

Toy story 4 Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Woody & Forky Tee

I'm super grateful to have this shirt as part of my collection! What are you thoughts? Shout them out down below.

Lastly, I just wanted to say only 19 DAYS until Toy Story 4! That is just nuts, after all these years of waiting. This is also a great time to make the announcement on here that this Friday (June 6th), I'll be heading to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for the Toy Story 4 press junket for social media influencers! We will be having a private screening of the full film on Saturday, as well as a celebratory lunch and dinner in the parks, viewing a showcase of the latest and upcoming TS4 products, attending an after hours experience in Toy Story Land and so much more. I will be in the parks from Friday to Sunday, so if anyone will be down there at the same time, let me know and we can meet up! Be sure to follow along on my adventure on Instagram (mostly through stories) and Twitter. I could not be more honored, grateful and excited!

Toy story 4 Pixar Studio Store Exclusive Woody & Forky Tee
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