Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Toy Story 4: Pizza Planet Mug with Forky

toy story 4 forky mug


While attending the Toy Story 4 press event in Walt Disney World last month, I stumbled upon this amazing Pizza Planet mug with included Forky stirrer at my resort gift shop! I had to get it as a souvenir to remember my trip by. Since then though, it's actually gotten a wide release at Disney Stores nationwide—as well as! So if you're interested in getting this for your collection, you're in luck as it's very easy to find at this point.

Both the mug and Forky are ceramic and both are dishwasher/microwave safe. Here are some additional details you might want to know:
  • Size of the mug: 4 1/2'' H x 5'' W (at handle) x 3 1/4'' Diameter
  • Holds 12 oz.
  • Size of Forky: 4 3/4'' H x 1 1/2'' W x 1'' D
  • Dimensional lip
  • Contrast handle and interior
toy story 4 forky mug

The Pizza Planet mug is cool enough on its own, but the Forky "figural spoon" (as they call it) that can hang over the side is what seriously sells it! So clever and unique; this was an instant must-buy as soon as I saw it. Not only is the mug practical to drink from, but completely display worthy as well. I'll be adding this to my Toy Story 4 shelf!

toy story 4 forky mug

Here's the full Forky stirrer, complete with rainbow detail on his stick foot! I love his minimal stylization—he looks completely adorable.

toy story 4 forky mug

My only wish is that something like this actually happened in Toy Story 4. I would have loved to see a quick glimpse of Pizza Planet from the outside (even just driving past it during the road trip) or even just Forky hiding in a Pizza Planet cup like this in the trash. From what I remember, it never happens (unless it's a blink and you miss it moment)! Oh well, at least this set is awesome regardless.

Again, you can find this currently at the Disney Parks, your local Disney Store or HERE for $19.95. Get it while you can, and remember, don't let Forky throw himself away! Be sure to share your thoughts down below.

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