Friday, July 26, 2019

Incredibles 2: Hallmark Decoupage Ornaments (from Target)

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Back in the fall of 2013, Hallmark began releasing some adorably stylized "shatterproof" decoupage Christmas ornaments for kids at stores like Target, Walmart and [at the time] Toys R Us. Characters from all sorts of different properties were represented, but the majority were characters from Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/ Marvel films. The line proved to be super popular and has returned, as well as expanded, every year since! It's always so fun, come around November, when Target puts out their Christmas stuff and I get to see which new characters have been developed. Who will it be this year? I'm really hoping for some more Toy Story faces. 

Anyway, right now I'm gonna take a look back at the Pixar characters released last year for Incredibles 2...Edna Mode and Violet! I never got around to reviewing these (whoops), so I figured "Christmas in July" was the perfect time to do so at this point. Less than 5 months now until Christmas, which is crazy! 

Both of these are darling and I was excited to see both these characters made, especially Edna! Love that character. They look great and fit perfectly with all the other characters released over the years. I was surprised though that Mr. Incredible or Elastigirl weren't made, they would have been perfect in this style too! 

Take a closer look down below...

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

incredibles 2 hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Again, I really love the designs and figure they'll be perfect for a separate, smaller Christmas tree in our kids' bedroom someday! They're all very lightweight too, which is nice. Each one is about 4" in size and retails for $7.

The only ones I'm missing now from past years (before I started collecting them) are Mater from Cars, Sulley (regular Monsters Inc. version) and Joy, Sadness, Disgust & Anger from Inside Out. I still hope to track them down somehow. If you're looking to add any of these to your collection, be sure to check eBay and Amazon as I saw many of them on there recently. And as usual, make sure to leave any comments or questions you might have down in the comments!

See my previous posts on all of them shown below, HERE.

pixar hallmark target decoupage ornaments

Side Note- As a massive Star Wars fan, I've also been collecting all of those characters from this line. Check them out HERE and HERE as featured on my Star Wars collection Instagram page.

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