Thursday, August 8, 2019

Up: Young Carl & Ellie Funko "POP!" 2-Pack (SDCC 2019 / BoxLunch Exclusive)

up carl and ellie funko pop review

Last month (July 18th) Funko released a bunch of Funko "POP!" vinyl figures exclusive to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and select retailers—each dubbed "2019 Summer Convention Limited Edition". One of the absolute best, not to mention most popular, sets released was this Up inspired Young Carl & Ellie 2-Pack; an absolute dream for us Pixar fans/Funko collectors! This was available at SDCC and BoxLunch Gifts (in-store and online). What was crazy is that it was so incredibly popular, that it sold out online within mere minutes! I jumped right on it when the link dropped and even I missed out on it. Crazy!

I wasn't about to pay nutty scalper prices, so I put it out there on Instagram that I was looking for help. I'm so grateful for a buddy of mine on there (THANK YOU AGAIN JUSTIN!) who answered the call and helped me get one at his local BoxLunch store the next morning! That was incredibly generous. He shipped it right to me and, well, here it is! My review.

Let's start with the box. It's fantastically designed and completely captures the heart, innocence and adventurous nature of these two characters. I especially love the grape soda pin design used for the backdrop of "2 Pack" in the upper right corner. I don't keep my Funko POP! boxes (space issues), so this one was a real tough one to throw away.

up carl and ellie funko pop review

And here they are out of the box! Are these not the cutest?? I can't even. I love the goggles on Carl, the "Spirit of Adventure" balloon and his adorable airplane flying pose—just like in the film! It's also pretty adorable that they included his teeny tiny grape soda "Ellie Badge"; although it's not entirely movie accurate since by the time Ellie gives that to him, he had already lost his balloon. Great detail nonetheless! I'm just so impressed with how detailed these Funko POP! sculpts have become, just look at Carl's hat for example.

up carl and ellie funko pop review
up carl and ellie funko pop review

Young Ellie is equally adorable. Her holding the iconic "My Adventure Book", as well as her movie accurate pink bow, outfit, freckles and missing tooth, are all perfect details.

up carl and ellie funko pop review
up carl and ellie funko pop review

As mentioned, this sold out very quickly—so unfortunately eBay is really the only way to go at this point! I can't recommend it enough though if you can swing it. You can check out current listings HERE using this direct link (sets are currently selling for around $70). Original retail price was $30.

Let me know your thoughts down below! Were you able to snag one of these 2-Packs? Which one is your favorite? Stay tuned as I'll be posting about the other Pixar SDCC Funko exclusives right here soon.

Note: Remember Vinylmations? Check out a similar 2-Pack that I got years ago HERE if you love young Carl and Ellie.

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