Saturday, October 5, 2013

Up: Carl and Ellie Vinylmations

Yesterday, I finally got one of my top items from my Pixar wishlist: The Up Carl and Ellie Vinylmation 2-pack from the "Pixar Series One" collection! This is a limited edition of only 2000 units made and was designed by the fantastic Ron Cohee. 

As with all the Vinylmations, the details and colors are as fun as ever...Such an amazing set. It has to be one of my absolute favorites!

 Looking at them a bit closer, I noticed that Carl's left "ear" (the blue one that says "Spirit of Adventure" on the front") is actually the balloon he's carrying during the very beginning of the movie. I also love Ellie's "My Adventure Book" ear... One of the fun things about Vinylmations that I always look forward to are the details/backgrounds in the ears. They're usually pretty clever!

This is a fantastic addition to my Pixar Up collection as there isn't a whole lot that I have (or was released) from the movie. And I think this is the only official young Carl and Ellie product ever released! I highly recommend trying to track down this set if you haven't already. It's worth every penny!

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