Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Coco: "Shufflerz" Collection

disney pixar coco shufflerz

Earlier this year, the Disney Store/ShopDisney introduced a fun new collection of stylized, walking wind-up toys called "Shufflerz" (which began with Toy Story characters; more on those soon). Then come August, at this year's D23 Expo, an exclusive 3-pack of Coco Shufflerz was released and only available at the convention's Disney Store! I had no idea these were coming, so it was certainly a pleasant surprise for Coco fans such as myself. I couldn't resist purchasing the set! A few weeks later, three additional wide-release single-pack versions of the characters were released at Disney Stores nationwide and— so you know I had to get those as well.

First off, I'll be taking a closer look at the characters included in the D23 Expo 3-pack: Dante (regular), Miguel (skeleton) and Ernesto (with guitar)! These guys look SO cute. What's unique about Shufflerz is that, rather than having a traditional wind-up key to twist, you wind them up by simply pressing them down repeatedly (around 10 times or so). From there, watch them "shuffle"!

The 3-pack retailed there at the Expo for $39.95. Each character is about 3 1/2'' tall.

disney pixar coco shufflerz dante

disney pixar coco shufflerz miguel

disney pixar coco shufflerz ernesto

Below are the three wide-release versions of the characters, which mix things up just enough to make them fun additions to the assortment: Dante (alebrije), Ernesto (no guitar) and Miguel (regular—with guitar). I'd say the standout of these three is definitely the ultra-vibrant Alebrije Dante! He's essentially just a repaint (with added wings) of the regular Dante, but he looks so awesome regardless. 

Retail for each of these Shufflerz is $12.95 (currently on sale for only $6.00).

disney pixar coco shufflerz dantedisney pixar coco shufflerz dante

disney pixar coco shufflerz ernesto

disney pixar coco shufflerz miguel

And lastly, here's a look at the back of the box for one of the single-pack releases...

All in all, I love these! Shufflerz are fun little twist on the classic wind-up toy. As someone who enjoys wind-up and other traditional, simplistic toys, these were right up my alley. My only complaint would be that I wish (for the wide-releases) that they had created other characters instead of adding repeats. For example, Hector would have been a fun addition instead of a second Ernesto that's already so close to the initial D23 release. That's a minor gripe though, the characters we did get are very well done. Highly recommended! 

If you'd like to add any of these to your collection, you can purchase the D23 Expo set on eBay right HERE and the standard releases HERE. Let me know your thoughts down below! Which one is your fave?

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