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Toy Story 4: Forky Talking Action Figure REVIEW (ShopDisney)

disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

I want you to meet...Forky! Back in April, I posted a one-stop guide to all the different Forky toys to help collectors decide which one was the one for them (see guide HERE). As far as my personal collection, since I wasn't about to purchase every Forky toy ever made (there are just too many of them), I had to narrow down my top favorites—one of them being this 7" tall Forky Talking Action Figure from ShopDisney/The Disney Store! Thanks to my friends over at Disney Consumer Products, I finally have this one to review for you in more detail.

There's a lot to love about this version of Forky. He might actually be my favorite of all the talking Forky action figures and the one that will get displayed with the rest of my Toy Story collection! First of all, I have to mention how great his packaging is. I love the school craft-like quality to it and all the bright colors! I have to admit, this packaging is much more eye-catching than any of the Thinkway Toys versions. And speaking of that, just a side note, I'm going to be doing a lot of comparing here to the Thinkway Toys Forky Talking Action Figure I got a few months back since they're so similar.

disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure reviewdisney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

What's neat about this Forky is that, thanks to new "Toy Detector" technology, it interacts (or "activates phrases") when placed near any of the other new ShopDisney full scale Toy Story Interactive Talking characters (namely Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Bo Peep, Rex and Bullseye). I haven't been able to test this feature yet, but I'll be sure to update this post with my thoughts as soon as I do.

Note: Turn the interactive feature on by switching Forky's "on switch" (found underneath his base) to the left (indicated by an "I"). Requires 3 x LR44/AG13 button cell batteries, included.

disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

Here he is out of the box! Doesn't he look so close to perfect? Such a great likeness to the actual character. This Forky also has a nice push along action feature where his sticks go slightly up and down (to simulate walking) and his main spork body moves from side to side. This is the feature I thought the Thinkway Toys version would have, but it didn't. It's also cool that this version has bendy/posable arms! Everything here seems to be a good quality overall, but it's still a lightweight toy that can be broken if played with too rough.

One thing I did appreciate about the Thinkway version is that he had actual googly eyes. For this version, the pupils are on tiny springs and don't really move much at all.

disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review
disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

Now onto this talking feature! Another plus to the Thinkway version is that the audio quality is much louder and clearer. This one's sound is a bit quiet and relatively muffled, but that's certainly not a deal breaker. You can still hear him just fine; and who knows? Maybe it's better this way so parents don't get too annoyed. ;)

Here are his 11 main phrases:
  • Hi!
  • I'm uhhh...I'm Forky? 
  • So I was uhhh, made by...the girl? 
  • I'm not a toy. 
  • *Laughing*
  • Quick question, what is littering? 
  • *Groaning* Not this again! 
  • Carry me?
  • Can we stop? My sticks are tired. 
  • I'm littering, ba bye! 
  • I'm running away!  
See/hear him in action in my recent tweet HERE
disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

I'm very impressed with how many movie accurate details Disney Consumer Products got right here (details that Thinkway missed when creating their version of almost this exact toy). For example this version has the Pizza Planet logo detail on his back (as it should be—fun Easter Egg) and "Bonnie" written on the bottom of his sticks. I also like how his silver "buttons" are sparkly here with this toy and that the subtle blue crayon marks (or whatever they are) up and down his center were included. Oh and of course his obvious rosy cheeks and rainbow sticker details were not missed.

Other than the fact that I feel his "dough" base and arms are a shade or two too dark (that's probably just a nitpick) and that he's actually missing one silver button that should be towards the bottom of his handle, this is as good as the talking Forky figures get in my opinion! Compare this to the movie Forky HERE and see for yourself. 

disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review
disney store toy story 4 forky talking action figure review

Though I do like both this version and the Thinkway version (there are pros and cons to both), I think I can honestly say this one is the winner for me. What do you think? Let me know all your thoughts down below and be sure to pick this one up for your Toy Story 4 collection at your local Disney Store or for just $19.95.

Bye now, I'm littering!

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