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Toy Story 4: Bo Peep Talking Action Figure (ShopDisney)

disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

Welcome to today's review! If you remember, back in April I created a guide to all the Toy Story 4 Bo Peep doll/toy releases out this year to help my fellow collectors decide which one is the best one for them. For me personally, I decided that the Disney Store/ShopDisney version has the most to offer in the "movie accuracy department", so I decided to go for that one. She's definitely my favorite version out there! However, she isn't 100% perfect, so ultimately the best version of "Adventurer Bo" (in my opinion) is possibly achieved by combining elements of this one and one of the Thinkway Toys versions...but more on that later! To start things off, I'll be focusing in on just this one and why it's my overall favorite. 

I won't spend much time talking about the packaging, since it's pretty simple, but I did want to say that I really do love the design (just as I did with their version of Forky, which I also reviewed this week). I like how the packaging essentially includes elements of Bo's outfit, like the light blue color, the flower button in the top corner, the lace detailing around the window, the pink ribbon down the sides and the pink polka dot backdrop. Solid work!

 disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure
disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

What's neat about this Bo is that, thanks to new "Toy Detector" technology, it interacts (or "activates phrases") when placed near any of the other new ShopDisney full scale Toy Story Interactive Talking characters (namely Forky, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Rex and Bullseye). I haven't been able to test this feature yet, but I'll be sure to update this post with my thoughts as soon as I do.

Note: Turn the interactive feature on by switching Bo's "on switch" upward (found on her back under her shirt, indicated by an "I"). Requires 3 x LR44/AG13 button cell batteries, included.

disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

Press the button on Bo's upper back to activate her talking feature. Here are her 11 phrases:
  • You know, kids loose their toys every day.
  • *giggles* Oh you're kidding...I didn't know that! 
  • *laughs*
  • I'm getting my sheep back. 
  • Oh I can't believe it! 
  • Oh my goodness, look at you! I never thought I'd see you again! 
  • Oh there's someone I want you to meet! 
  • Billy, Goat and Gruff.
  • Where ya headed? 
  • Yup! Sold to the antique store and now I'm here! 
  • You know how it goes...their little girl grew up, didn't need me anymore, so...
I love how they're all actually lines from the movie in the original voice! So many times with these types of talking toys, they include phrases that are never heard in the film. I also have to note that the sound here with this one is perfection—loud and clear! Much better than [Disney Store] Forky's sound/speaker system.

disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

Here she is out of the box! She looks absolutely fantastic—and stands well on her own too (after some proper posing of course). Other than the fact that her face looks great (probably the hardest part to get right), this Bo Peep includes three main details that elevated her above the Thinkway Toys versions for me:
  •  Her cape/skirt is reversible (and has the movie accurate polka dots—I just don't know how on earth the Thinkway version missed this crucial detail?? Theirs is solid blue on both sides).
  • The molded "twine" on her staff is painted/more detailed (the Thinkway version left the twine unpainted; it's all just solid blue, which was a bit lazy).
  • Her hair bow is fabric and removable (Thinkway's version is plastic and not removable).
disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure
disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

Bo Peep's cape can be be removed and become her skirt (the flower button is a nice snap fastener, rather than velcro). Overall all the fabrics/materials used here feel quality made and the outfit looks totally accurate to the film; I do feel the creators put in the effort here to make this the best Bo they could. You can tell they care! Bo stands at 14" tall, which is her movie accurate height.

Another cool thing about this Bo (which I wasn't expecting) is that her arms/legs are a softer plastic, with the metal joints hidden underneath; so you can bend her arms/legs (you'll feel it clicking into position when you bend them) without seeing any distracting articulation points. Gives off a clean look!

disney store toy story 4 bo peep talking action figure

I mentioned at the top of my post that I feel you can create an almost the definitive Bo by combining this one with another. What I meant was you could take the cape and staff of this Disney Store Bo and add it to the Thinkway Toys Deluxe Talking Action figure (since, admittedly, I think the face of the Thinkway version is just a tad better/more screen accurate). Though now that I think about it, the only problem then is that her bow would be plastic and not fabric and her joints would show. Oh well! I guess as usual, there's pros and cons and maybe no such thing as a 100% accurate Bo Peep right now. But hey—that's really just a nitpick. I still feel overall this one does get the closest and has the most good going for it! It's like 99.5% there, I just think that she would be completely spot on with the head of the Thinkway version (that's just me, but this one is certainly close enough and still very well done).

What do you think? Which one is your favorite Toy Story 4 adventurer Bo Peep? I would love to hear your thoughts down below! And if you're interested in picking up this version for your personal collection, you can snag her at your nearest Disney Store or HERE for $32.95 (currently on sale). It has my high recommendation!

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