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Toy Story 4: Little People Collection (by Fisher-Price)

fisher price toy story 4 little people review

I absolutely love "Little People" toys by Fisher-Price. They're colorful, sturdy, have fantastic play value and will spark your little one's imagination for hours upon hours. Timeless is the best word I can use to describe them. You name a life experience, there's a Little People set for it: schools, zoos, houses, farms, safaris, construction sites, airplanes and other vehicles...the list goes on. When Fisher-Price introduced Toy Story inspired Little People sets to the mix back in 2012 (RC and Buzz's Spaceship), I was absolutely thrilled. I purchased them right away and have been saving them for my future kids ever since. Well, the future is NOW! Our baby boy Aidan is just over a week old and I already can't wait for him to start playing with toys. He still has to grow up a bit though, as Little People are recommended for kids ages 1-5 years old.

Earlier this year, several NEW Toy Story Little People sets were released; this time based on characters and locations from Toy Story 4! I was so thrilled once again to add them to my collection and am happy to finally have the time to document them here on the blog for you today. 

$19.99—Includes/requires 2 AA batteries
First up, there's the Ferris Wheel playset—obviously inspired by the film's iconic carnival setting. This one comes with Woody and Ducky figures and features cute fair style music when you spin the Ferris wheel using the yellow crank. There's even a "Little People" version of a strong man game; press down on the lever and watch the "weight" fly to the top! Figures looking to go for a ride can sit in any of the three passenger cars. This thing is absolutely adorable. 

fisher price toy story 4 little people review
fisher price toy story 4 little people review

Of course you'll need to flesh out the Little People Toy Story world with more characters! This "7 Friends Pack" includes Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, Bunny, Forky, Rex and the same Woody and Ducky that came with the Ferris Wheel set. I opted in to get this pack, but you can also get them in 4-packs and 2-packs. I love the designs of these guys...they're perfectly stubby and cute! 

fisher price toy story 4 little people review
fisher price toy story 4 little people review

Last but not least, we have the epic "Jessie's Campground Adventure" set (inspired by Bonnie's family's RV; again one of the main locations in the film). This transforming vehicle/playset comes with Jessie and Buzz Lightyear figures and opens up to reveal all sorts of fun!

Turn the "discovery button" near the picnic table to switch back and forth between a board game and a watermelon snack (watch Buttercup and Dolly dance, too). You can also pop open the cooler and discover other camping supplies around the RV. The Little People friends can go to sleep in the RV beds and even look out the window at the mesmerizing lights of the carnival. Kids will especially love searching for all their favorite Toy Story 4 pals, which can be spotted all over the inside of the RV. Can they find Trixie, Forky, Slinky, Dolly, Hamm, Buttercup, Rex and Bullseye?

fisher price toy story 4 little people review fisher price toy story 4 little people review

If your "little person" is anywhere in the range of 1-5 years old, these are the perfect toys for them. They are the best introductory Toy Story toys out there for young fans! With Christmas right around the corner, I can't recommend these enough. You can find them currently at Target, Walmart, Kohl's or Amazon using the links below. Be sure to leave me all your thoughts down in the comment section!

NOTE: New versions of Buzz's Spaceship and RC (almost exactly the same as the original 2012 releases, just with minor upgrades) were also released this year. I've only seen them at Kohl's, but they could also be available elsewhere. I won't be getting them since I already have the originals, but I definitely wanted to let you know in case you missed them.

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