Monday, December 9, 2019

Toy Story 4: Hallmark Jessie & Rex Decoupage Ornaments (Target Exclusives)

toy story 4 target decoupage ornaments

Back in the fall of 2013, Hallmark began releasing some adorably stylized "shatterproof" decoupage Christmas tree ornaments for kids at stores like Target, Walmart and [at the time] Toys R Us. Characters from all sorts of different properties were represented, but the majority were characters from Disney/Pixar/Star Wars/ Marvel films. The line proved to be super popular and has returned, as well as expanded, every year since! It's always so fun, come around November, when Target puts out their Christmas stuff and I get to see which new characters have been developed. I had a feeling we'd see some new Toy Story characters this year...and what do you know!? Today I'm taking a look at the newly released Toy Story 4 Jessie and Rex ornaments.

There haven't been any new Toy Story characters in this line since the original Buzz and Woody, so these two make fantastic additions to the collection. Jessie looks absolutely adorable and I don't know if Rex (one of my all-time favorites) has ever looked cuter! I just love the style of these little guys. Both of these are very lightweight, stand at about 4" tall, retail for $7.00 and are Target exclusives. You can buy them in stores or online right now.

Take a closer look below!

toy story 4 target decoupage ornaments jessie toy story 4 target decoupage ornaments jessie

toy story 4 target decoupage ornaments rex
toy story 4 target decoupage ornaments rex

Also released this year were new versions of both Buzz and Woody. Since I already have the originals, I didn't feel the need to purchase these ones as well—but I still wanted to document them here. They are very cute (I honestly probably like these new designs better than the first edition versions), so definitely snag them before they're gone if you're interested! These ones are available at Target as well, but are not Target exclusives. They have been spotted elsewhere, like at Five Below (for just $5).

One thing I have to note is that I'm shocked they didn't make Forky in this decoupage style! He would have looked perfect and would have been super popular this year, I'm sure.

toy story 4 buzz and woody decoupage ornaments

Side Note- As a massive Star Wars fan, I've also been collecting all of those characters from this line as well. Check them out HERE and HERE as featured on my Star Wars collection Instagram page.

Be sure to view all my previous posts on this ornament collection HERE. The only Pixar ones I'm missing now from past years (before I started collecting these ornaments) are Mater from Cars, Sulley (regular Monsters Inc. version) and Joy, Sadness, Disgust & Anger from Inside Out. I still hope to track them down somehow. 

disney target decoupage ornaments
Target Christmas Ornament Section 2019

I've been saving all these over the years to decorate a Pixar/Star Wars Christmas tree for my son Aidan one day. I thought his own little tree with these would look really cute in his room—that is if he's into what I'm into ;) By the way, we're now five days past his due date so he's gotta arrive any day now!

As usual, please leave any comments or questions you might have in the comment section down below. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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