Friday, November 1, 2013

Toy Story: Fisher Price Little People

If you're a Pixar fan and have a baby or toddler, this is the perfect first set of Pixar toys for them! Here is the Toy Story RC and Buzz Lightyear spaceship from the Fisher Price "Little People" line, complete with some lights and sounds. This is a great starter set of Pixar toys before your kids graduate to the "older kid" stuff.

For years, I've really liked the design of the Little People sets as I've watch my nieces and nephews collect them. When I saw that they were making their first Pixar sets, and especially since they were Toy Story,  I had to jump right on that and save them for my future kids. 

The first of the two is RC with Woody! Woody can sit in the drivers seat as you roll RC around- press down the button on the seat to hear sounds and phrases.

Then we have Buzz Lightyear with his spaceship! Buzz here can also sit in his "cockpit" and has room for one passenger so sit in the back. Press down on the button in the driver's seat, or slide the lever in the back from side to side, to hear sounds, phrases and light up jet engines! 

And here's a brief video of all the features so you can these toys in action see for yourself:

These both came out in Spring 2012, but are still easily found. If you have trouble finding them at your local stores, there's always Amazon which sells them for about $20 each currently. These are great quality toys and I definitely recommend them if you have any little Pixar fans-or if you have little ones who you're trying to turn into Pixar fans.

Also, if you want more Pixar Little People, Fisher Price also released a Little People collection from Cars and Cars 2. There's: Mac with Lightning, a Radiator Springs Playset, a "Speed and Sound" Racetrack and a set of four cars which includes Lightning, Mater Francesco and Finn. I have yet to collect these but these also seem like great starter sets for your younger kids before they move onto the diecast line of Pixar cars.

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