Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cars 3: Florida Ramone

pixar cars florida ramone screenshot

Hey everyone! So the reason I haven't been posting as many cars lately is because I wanted to finish reviewing all of last year's collection before moving onto the 2018 series. At this point though, there are still a few from last year that I still need to track down and it's taking [seemingly] forever. I decided to just move onto this year's cars and will get to the others when I can! Today I'm taking a look at Florida Ramone from Cars 3—one of the very first singles released early this year.

Per usual, this is a 1:55 scale diecast from Mattel. There is no numbering system for 2018, but categories are back. Ramone here is part of the "Florida 500" sub-series.

As shown in the screen shot above, Ramone can be seen briefly with this paint job during the film's climatic Florida 500 race. I love this look and the unique salmon color! Just when you thought there couldn't be any more Ramones. ;)

pixar cars florida ramone

Here he is out of the package...

pixar cars florida ramone

And this particular version comes with a neat Ramone's House of Body Art "Bonus Collector Card"/ stand! This same car has also been released in other cases without the card (I'm not sure which one is more rare). 

pixar cars florida ramone

If you missed picking this Ramone up in stores, be sure to check it out on Amazon using the link below and let me know all your thoughts down in the comments!

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