Sunday, November 29, 2020

Onward Plush Collection (by Mattel)

Hey all! I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving weekend. Tonight I just wanted to document and share my brief thoughts on the Mattel Onward plush collection that was released early this year! I received these for my birthday back in May and have been meaning to get to this post ever since. I sure wish I wasn't so behind on many of my posts, but man have things been busy around here. 

These were some of the first Onward products to hit shelves clear back in January and their cuteness stood out to me immediately. As soon as I saw the film and loved it, I was like, ok I'm gonna need those Mattel plush now. I actually favored these ones over the Disney Stores ones since 1.) they're smaller/more compact for storage 2.) they're less expensive and 3.) I really love the more overly cartoony/stylized designs! They're just too cute and super soft to cuddle.


This assortment includes five characters: Ian Lightfoot, Barley Lightfoot, Manticore (tavern mascot), a trash unicorn and Dewdrop the sprite. I do wish they had included Wilden Lightfoot (dad), but it's no big deal. They're between 9"-10" tall and each retailed for $9.99. These were originally available at Target, but I'm sure most stores are sold out at this point. Luckily Amazon still has most them (minus Dewdrop; unfortunately she seems sold out everywhere) in stock and I'll include the links to buy below! If you're interested in adding these plush to your Onward collection, I'd go ahead and snag them before they're gone. 

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments and be sure to check back weekly for more from my ever expanding Pixar collection! 


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