Thursday, November 12, 2020

Toy Story 4: Bo Beep with Cape—Mattel's 7" Action Figure Collection

Last year when Bo Peep was released as part of Mattel's award winning Toy Story 4 7" action figure collection, I always wished the figure included her cape and wondered why that detail was left out (Bo does wear it the majority of the film). Sure, the "True Talkers" version of Bo came with her cape, but I consider those figures separate from this line even though they are pretty much the same scale (in fact, I never even collected the "True Talkers" talking figures). All is right now, however, because Mattel has released Bo Peep again in new the "PIXAR" 2020 packaging—and this time her cape is included! The figure itself is the exact same figure that has been released previously, but I obviously couldn't pass this one up. 

Outside of the newly included cape accessory (which is removable, by the way), there's honestly nothing much else to report on here. I gotta say though—I love it! I've never spotted this one in stores, so I actually ended up snagging it on If you're an avid collector of this line and want to add this version of Bo Peep to your collection, be sure to make your purchase right HERE on Walmart's website. The current price is $7.86.

And just FYI, Mattel has also re-released Buzz, Woody, Hamm, Zurg, the Aliens, Duke Caboom and Jessie in the new 2020 PIXAR packaging (in celebration of Toy Story's 25th anniversary). Hamm, Zurg and the Aliens had only previously been released in multi-packs or on Amazon in their exclusive closed-box style packaging, so it was nice to see them on the standard open blister style card. I found them at one of my local grocery stores of all places.

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