Friday, January 10, 2020

Events: Disney·Pixar 'Onward' Toys by Mattel— In Stores Now!

pixar onward toys

Pixar's next original film, Onward, doesn't hit theaters until March 6th—but you can find the toys on shelves right now at your nearest Target! I knew they must be coming soon (as merch for Pixar films typically hits two months before the theatrical release), but I hadn't heard any word on an official street date. Over the last week I had been checking my local Walmarts and Targets every day until I found them just yesterday! What an amazing surprise, especially since I hadn't seen any of these toys revealed previously. Mattel has created a magical lineup!

I've documented the in-store release of toys for every Pixar film here on the blog since Monsters University back in 2013 (you can find them all under the "Events" label). I'm thrilled to be able to continue the tradition here with Onward! As a Pixar toy collector (and someone who loves documenting in general), I always want to make sure each toy launch is preserved here. It's a bit of history and something fun to look back on years down the road.

disney pixar onward toys mattel

Right now, there isn't a ton of toys for Onward, but honestly it's just the right amount. After several huge Pixar sequel/franchise releases (Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Cars 3, Finding Dory, etc.), it's kind of nice to have a simple, straightforward toy line that's not too overwhelming. So far for Onward, Mattel has produced four plush (Ian & Barley Lightfoot, Corey the Manicore and a Unicorn; DewDrop coming soon), three basic action figures (Ian & Barley Lightfoot and their dad, Wilden Lightfoot), one action figure gift set ("Manticore's Tavern Quest Pack" with exclusive Corey the Manticore) and a collection of "Minis" (featuring two vehicles and 12 super fun blind bag characters—continuing off of Mattel's successful Toy Story 4 "Minis" series). Though there will probably be more toys closer to the film, this is what's currently available now; all the main/core characters. Check it all out below!

Note: This isn't a full review for each item. My full thoughts and detailed photos of each toy will be coming soon! Consider this a sneak peek at many blog posts to come ;)

Onward Plush
Pixar onward plush, Ian, Manticore and Unicorn
Pixar onward plush, Ian, Manticore and Unicorn

Onward 7" Action Figures
Pixar onward action figures, Ian, Barley and Wilden
Pixar onward action figures, Ian, Barley and Wilden
Pixar onward action figures, Ian, Barley and Manticore

Onward "Minis" Blind Bags 
(read my full review with blind bag codes HERE)
Pixar onward toys mini figures mattel
Pixar onward toys mini figures mattel
Pixar onward toys minis mattel
Pixar onward toys minis mattel

Onward "Minis" Vehicles
pixar onward toys minis guinevere
pixar onward minis vehicles

There we have it guys! Visit your local Target today (consider it a quest) to see all of this (and possibly more) in person—and be sure to share this post to spread the word about this release. Definitely let me know YOUR thoughts on all this glorious new merch in the comment section below! Which toys are your favorites and are on you "must have" list? Can't wait to hear what you all think!

I'll update this post as more becomes available. 

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