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Toy Story 4: Complete 7" Action Figure Collection (by Mattel)

toy story 4 mattel action figure collection

After four movies over 25 years, there have been a lot of Toy Story action figures produced—but none quite like these! This year, Mattel introduced us to a new range of basic Toy Story figures in a brand new 7" size, mostly surrounding the characters of Toy Story 4. Let me tell you, this line is EPIC! This has to be my favorite action figure collection in years (probably since 2013's Monsters University figure range from Spin Master).

I just love everything about these figures: I feel the larger size is unique and perfect for kids (with play and display value), the sculpts are wonderfully done with movie accuracy, the amount of articulation in each figure is impressive and the sheer variety of characters (a perfect mix of old and new) is pretty amazing and something I love to see in any figure assortment. Each figure feels quality made—durable and solid.

I'm going to be diving into the entire line here, which can get a little complicated (between single packs, retailer exclusives, multi-packs and so on), so bear with me! Hopefully this guide helps you with your collection as you go out on the hunt to find them all as well.

First off, we have the basic single carded figures. I love the card design and how they're packaged overall! Very striking. In the single packs, you can find Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear (with helmet), Jessie, Slinky, Rex, Bo Peep, Ducky, Bunny, Gabby Gabby, Tinny and Forky/Duke Caboom. Retail for each figure is $8.99.

Most of these can be found at your local Walmart, Target and Kohl's stores, as well as other supermarkets that may be in your area like Meijer (I've also seen them at some of my local grocery stores, like Stop & Shop and ShopRite). The Buzz Lightyear (with helmet), however, is one I've only ever seen online at Entertainment Earth and Amazon (in their exclusive packing, more on that later). You'll notice I've marked some as store exclusives below as well—like Tinny for example, who I've only ever seen in stores at Walmart.

Note: You'll notice I didn't collect the single pack versions of Buzz Lightyear (the regular one without the helmet), Woody and Bo Peep. That's because I opted in for one of the multi-packs that includes those same figures instead. Again, more on that below. 

toy story 4 jessie figure
toy story 4 jessie figure

BUZZ LIGHTYEAR with helmet
(Online Exclusive?)
toy story 4 buzz with helmet figure
toy story 4 slinky figure

toy story 4 forky and duke caboom figure

toy story 4 rex figure

(Walmart Exclusive) 
toy story 4 tinny figure

toy story 4 bunny figure

toy story 4 ducky figure


Now onto the deluxe figures and multi-packs! I love that some of these sets include huge oversized figures (like Bullseye and the amazing one foot tall Benson with movable mouth) and vehicles (like Duke Caboom's Stunt Racer and RC). I should also note that the reason I'm keeping these all in the packaging is so that I can give them to my kids to open one day (our first baby isn't even born yet, so it'll be a couple years).

The Duke Caboom figure below (included with his stunt racer and launcher) is not the same figure as the one included with Forky above (this one's helmet is not removable, among several other minor differences).

toy story 4 duke with stunt racertoy story 4 duke with stunt racer
toy story 4 duke with stunt racer

(Walmart Exclusive) 
The "Special Movie Edition" Woody (with the scared expression) in this pack is unique and only available in this set with Benson. Aren't they both amazing?

toy story 4 woody benson 2-pack
toy story 4 woody benson 2-pack

The Woody included here in this 2-Pack is not unique and is the same Woody released in the other single and multi-packs. This is the only way to get Bullseye though, so I had to get a duplicate Woody.

toy story 4 woody bullseye 2-pack
toy story 4 woody bullseye 2-pack

(Target Exclusive) 
I've seen some reviews of this RC from people who thought they were getting an actual remote control electronic RC. Just so you know (so you're not disappointed), this is simply a basic figure of RC that kids can roll around; hence the "Push and Go Action!" label.

toy story 4 RC figuretoy story 4 RC figure
toy story 4 RC figure

(Walmart Exclusive) 
This 3-Pack (obviously based on Toy Story 2) is the only set so far in this 7" line that is not inspired by Toy Story 4. Could that mean more figures are on the way based on the other films? Crossing my fingers! Who would you love to see?

Note: Zurg here is the only new figure in this set; the Buzz is the exact same as the single pack Buzz and the alien is the same as the one included in the Amazon 3-Pack below. 

toy story zurg figure 3-pack
toy story zurg figure 3-pack


Lastly, we have the Amazon exclusive figures—and this is where it gets a little confusing. Essentially all the single pack figures above were also released (for some reason) in special Amazon exclusive Toy Story 4 boxes (which look like the one seen below). Additionally, some characters were released only in this exclusive packaging and were never released on the standard basic card in stores; that being the Pizza Planet Aliens (3-Pack) and Hamm (toy coins included).

And remember I told you earlier that I opted out of getting the Buzz, Woody and Bo single pack releases in favor of a multi-pack that included them? That's because the Amazon exclusive "Adventure Pack" seen below is the only way currently to get Giggle McDimples in this scale! Giggle is not included with the single pack release of Bo Peep. It should also be noted that this set (again, for some reason) has also been spotted at Meijer.  

ALIENS 3-PACK—$12.99
toy story 4 aliens figures
toy story 4 aliens figures

toy story 4 hamm action figure
toy story 4 hamm action figure

toy story 4 action figures multi-pack
toy story 4 action figures giggle mcdimples

FORKY & KAREN—$12.99
toy story 4 mattel karen beverly figure
toy story 4 mattel karen beverly figure

To wrap things up, you'll also find a couple other bigger multi-packs out there (like the Target exclusive RV Friends 6-Pack and the Kohl's Exclusive Woody & Buzz Lightyear Arcade 2-Pack). I didn't purchase either of these, however, since there are no exclusive figures included in either set (the Arcade pack does have a couple of small exclusive accessories though, like a shooting Space Ranger blaster for Buzz and a lasso for Woody).

toy story 4 RV figure set
toy story 4 woody and buzz arcade 2-pack

This Kohl's Exclusive "Antique Shop" 8-Pack is one I will be getting (sorry wallet), as it includes two exclusive Combat Carl figures! They are must haves in my opinion, but I wish I didn't have to fork out for this full set just to get them. So if you haven't started collecting any of this line yet, this is a great pack to get started with! Stay tuned for more on this set as soon as I decide to go and make the purchase. UPDATE: Purchased! You can check out my full [separate] blog post review RIGHT HERE.

toy story 4 antique shop gift set

Mattel's epic lights and sounds Toy Story Star Command Spaceship playset (as part of this line) is now available and can be found at Walmart, Target and Amazon for $79.99! It even comes with an exclusive glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear figure. I won't be getting this since it isn't canon to to the films, but it's pretty neat for sure! This will surely be a hit with kids this Christmas.

Toy Story Star Command Spaceship playset
Toy Story Star Command Spaceship playset

Additionally, this "Galaxy Explorer Spacecraft" has since been released on Amazon. Similar to the Star Command Spaceship above, this is another set that's non-canon to the films, so I won't be getting it (nothing against the item—it seems cool. If you know me though, I typically don't go for the toys that are the toy company's concepts that never actually appear on screen). 

Lastly, don't forget to check out the new for 2020 "Character Moments" sets released for the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story! They are part of this 7" line, but not specifically Toy Story 4, so I reviewed them in separate posts (you can view my full blog post HERE). Also since I wrote this, the Woody & the Troops set has been released (seen HERE) and the Stinky Pete The Prospector "Classic Pack" (seen HERE).

Well there you go everyone...the complete collection! Yes, this line is a little bit complex (especially if you're trying to get all the characters, since getting some repeats is necessary), but it's all totally worth it. Anyway, I hope this helped you understand this assortment in full detail! I did my best to explain it all, but if anything just didn't make sense, feel free to comment any questions you might have down below. Most importantly, have fun and happy hunting!

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