Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Monsters Inc. Sulley "Interactables" 7" Scale Talking Action Figure (from Mattel)

A couple weeks back I shared my review of the Mike Wazowski and Frozone "Interactables" figures from Mattel and mentioned that Sulley was also being released at the end of this month... well what do you know! He's here right on time and looks so, so great.

Again, for those who may not have heard of these before, the Pixar Interactables line is an offshoot/extension of Mattel's basic/core Pixar 7" action figure collection. They're the same size, make and style as the basic figures, but these ones talk and, as the name suggests, even interact with each other! Besides the aforementioned Mike and Frozone, there are five other Interactables figures out there as of this post: Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Mr. Incredible and Syndrome. There's even more coming later in 2021, including Zurg!

Though I've decided that I'm not purchasing all of the Pixar Interactables figures (at least for now; most of them are just too similar to the original basic/core figures that I already have and I just don't feel the need to get them again), I am picking up the ones I feel are the most unique. Sulley here made the cut since I love his brand new "scaring face" facial expression! It's a totally new look compared to last year's basic/core Sulley figure and this year's "Getting to know Boo" Sulley.

As far as the talking feature, I counted 16 sayings total (you can hear them all in my YouTube video below). Just like with the other Interactables, press the button on Sulley's tummy to cycle through all his phrases and hold down his button for two seconds to hear additional phrases. Stand/hold him near other Interactables figures (I demonstrate this feature with Mike in my video below), press their buttons and that will activate the interactive feature (the conversation goes back and forth typically three times). The conversations aren't super coherent (seems like it's more like they say a random selection of phrases to each other), but it's fun either way. I will also also note that once again Sulley's voice is not done by the original actor John Goodman (which is my only main gripe with this figure; the voice is very off), but at least the sound works loud and clear.

This is a fantastic looking figure overall and he fits in with the rest of the line perfectly! The sculpt is really solid and he stands up really good on his own. Sulley measures 8" tall and there's some nice articulation as well, like usual (9 points—head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs). Take a closer look at Sulley out of the packaging below!

Each Interactables figure retails for $14.99. They're mainly available on Amazon (some Nordstrom Racks have them too), so I'll link those below for your convenience. For all you Pixar collectors out there, I highly suggest picking up some of your favorites of these—especially if you already collect Mattel's 7" line of action figures!

See Sulley in action in my YouTube video and please feel free to like and subscribe to my channel for more content like this! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.



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