Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monsters Inc: Little Mikey Plush

Everyone who has seen Monsters Inc. seems to always remember Mike's little "teddy bear" monster, Little Mikey. He wasn't on screen for very long, but Pixar created such a memorable and iconic design for him that it not only excited fans to see him have a cameo in the prequel, Monsters University, but also the casual viewer as well. 

In 2001, with the original launch of the Monsters Inc. products, Hasbro created this "real" Little Mikey plush just as it appears in the film! It stands at about 11 inches tall (with the horns).

 It's really well made and is stitched with a great quality (and soft I might add) material. The eye is plastic.

 Here you can better tell how big this guy is if you compare it to my hand. It's a little smaller than it is in the film but I'd say this is very film accurate for the most part.

Like mentioned, this was made by Hasbro (I don't have the packaging, but you can see how it was originally packaged here). The Disney Store also released their own Little Mikey which was the exact same size, but I favored this one ultimately and felt that it was a little bit better quality all around. When searching online for either of these versions, the way you can tell the difference is that the Disney Store version has thicker smile (for lack of a better way to say it) and less texture to the fabric. See the Disney Store one here and compare for yourself!

If you're interested in tracking either of these Little Mikey dolls down, you can check out eBay below (they usually sell between $30-$65 depending on which one and the condition it's in):

Also, just a word of advice, if you do end up searching eBay for these, be careful not to get either of them confused with the 6" Little Mikey that came with the 2001 Babblin' Boo doll. Sometimes on eBay, that one will look like the right one at first (since it's hard to determine size from pictures). Just make sure you find one that states that it is 10-11 inches before buying.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Be sure to check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection and feel free to comment or ask questions anytime. 

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