Sunday, February 16, 2014

Wall-E: Art of Book

Who doesn't love Wall-E? It's just without a doubt an extremely brilliant and beautiful film, thought of by many to be Pixar's very best project to date.

With this Art of Wall-E book (By Tim Hauser, foreword by Director Andrew Stanton), you can dive much deeper into the story behind the story and all of wonderful art leading up to the images you know and love today. Like all of the other "Art of" books by Chronicle Publishing, this book is a wonderful, high quality hardcover book with over 150 vibrantly printed printed pages.

This book is pretty amazing, being chock-full of not only concept art and storyboards, but many great insights on the whole "making of" process as well. I haven't read the entire thing yet, but I have looked through it all from cover to cover and have read a pretty good amount since having just received this for Valentine's Day. 
 The official book description below describes much better than me about what to expect...
 ...and below are a few examples of the pages:

An insight that really stood out to me while reading this was the original ideas of what the humans were to be like on the Axiom. In the early art and story, they became more like "gel" aliens from being in space so long! There's a lot of interesting art and commentary on why this idea was originally part of the story and why it was ultimately scrapped. You'll want to read about it! I for one am glad they went back to the more, for lack of a better term, "human humans." : )

Another thing that stood out to me while looking through all the pages multiple times is that Wall-E himself never seemed to go through any major design changes. It seems as though Andrew Stanton knew from the beginning what the basic look of Wall-E would be and never really strayed from that. The (almost) same goes for Eve as well. The book does have just a couple different early designs for her but, again, the basic idea and shape seems to have always been there in the original vision for the film.

Wall-E and Pixar fans, you definitely need this book if you haven't gotten it already! You will learn so much and will not be disappointed in the content. If you're looking to pick this up, you can find it on Amazon.

You can also find it on eBay below:

Thanks to my parents yet again for this awesome Valentine's Day present! Being the awesome love story that it is (and the fact that there is red in the Wall-E logo :), you couldn't have made a better gift choice. I love it! 

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