Monday, February 24, 2014

Monsters University: Travel Mug

Here's another cool item that was released as part of the Monsters University marketing campaign! About eight months before the film's release (and before we knew hardly anything about the film), Pixar created a "school website"  that acted as though MU was a real school. 

This mug (or more like a thermos) was available at the "MU Store" section of the site where you could find lots of typical college store type items such as shirts, hoodies, pennants, other mugs, car accessories, hats, etc. 

 This was then also available at the a little bit later. It has since sold out at the Disney Store but the MU Store seems to still have it in stock...and on sale! Definitely head on over there if you're interested. I think the store is still active but I'm not totally sure. It still lists things as in stock so I'm assuming you can still purchase from there.

If you're a fan of MU and want to show off your "school pride", this is for you. As always, it's really good quality and made of stainless steel with a brushed chrome finish. It's 16 oz and has a plastic "cool band" built in. I love the simple design with the school's logo and I'm so happy I finally had a chance to get this. I haven't used it yet to actually drink from yet (I've just had it on display) but I'm sure it works great from what I can tell. View the product's page here for a few more details.

You can also find it on eBay below:

A big thanks to my parents since this was a Christmas present from them! I really appreciate it.

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