Friday, February 21, 2014

Pixar Collection: Notebook

Here is the Disney/Pixar collection notebook! This amazing line of products debuted at the Disney D23 expo last August and then went to the for a short time. In addition to this, there were 4 other products available featuring this same design: stickers, a mug set, a second mug set, a note card set, an iPhone case, a Sticky Note Set, and a pencil/eraser set.

Like I've mentioned, when I saw this line of products, I was hooked on getting them. I just love the design and the minimalist style of the characters. I was afraid they were going to be only exclusives at the expo but was thrilled when they became available at the Disney Store.

As you can see below, the front cover (as well as the back) is actually two layered. The very top cover is a semi-clear (but frosty) vinyl material, something I didn't realize until I got it and saw it and person. So when the covers are down it gives it a cool look where some of the images are more faded and others more vibrant. It actually makes it that much cooler! 

 Here's the notebook paper you'll find inside:

And if you're going to be doing any graphing (Ha! I know I won't be. Math isn't my thing), graph paper is included in the book as well:

In addition, the notebook is divided into three sections, each of them separated by a folder pocket as seen below:

On the back, there is the Disney/Pixar logo. I love it! There are a lot of Pixar notebooks out there but this has got to be my absolutely favorite. If you can get a hold of this, I'd go for it! You'll love it too. 

This has sold out at the Disney Store but you can still find it on eBay below if you're interested (there is currently just 1 for about $20 but there will be more up, I'm sure):

As usual, thank you very much for taking the time to stop by. If you like what you see, check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection! 

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