Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cars: Radiator Springs Racers Flag (Cars Land)

radiator springs racers flag

Back in April of this year, my wife Brita and I took a fantastic road trip to CA where we visited Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure for our second time. While I was there, a lot of fun little trinkets and knick knacks stood out to me in the various gift shops; and of course being the collector that I am, I had to purchase a few things.

Mostly I got just small pieces of memorabilia (many of them on sale/discounted) to remember our fun times there at Cars Land. It's very rare that we get to go, and now that we live back on the east coast, we don't know when we'd be able to make it all the way out there. Plus, I thought it would be cool to have a Cars Land display shelf someday! It's really one of my favorite places to be in all the Disney Parks so I wanted it represented in my collection.

One of the items I got for a buck or two is this cool Radiator Springs Racers (one if my favorite rides) racing flag! Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly where I found this, but it was somewhere there in one of the Cars Land gift shops. If you're interested in picking this up while you're visiting Radiator Springs, definitely search around a bit. It just may be still be available!

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