Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Good Dinosaur: Wooden Postcard

pixar studio store

Here we have a very cool item...directly from the Pixar Studios Store in Emeryville, CA! Since the Studio Store is not open to the public (it's only accessible to Pixar employees unless you get invited in), anything I'm lucky enough to receive from there becomes an instant favorite of mine.

This The Good Dinosaur postcard is extremely unique. I've never seen anything like it! It's actually made of quality wood, cut very thin, which I had never heard of before. The brilliant character sketch (possibly concept art) featured on the card is a dinosaur named Forrest Woodbush. Very little is known about him, but from what I do know, he's also known as "the pet collector of the prairie" and is very wise in his years. I look forward to seeing him in the film! He could end up being pretty funny, I believe.

pixar studio store

This is a standard size 5x7 postcard with the film's logo on the back, as well as "Pixar Animation Studios · Emeryville, California."

A huge thanks to my great friend Jeff (from This Day in Pixar), who was generous to pick this up for me during his most recent visit to Pixar! This was a great surprise- I absolutely love it. Very much appreciated!

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