Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Monsters University: Big Monster on Campus Book

Here we have "Big Monsters on Campus", one of the many Monsters University books released in 2013! This is a 30 page storybook for young kids that summarizes most of the main events of the film with clarity and colorful illustrations. It was adapted by author Susan Amerikaner and illustrated by the Disney storybook artist team; and if the pictures look familiar, it's because they are the exact same illustrations found in the Monsters University Big Golden Book.

The book also comes with an exclusive Mike Wazowski collectible picture viewer with eight images inside that go along with the story (kind of like a little Viewmaster without external slides). Note: You may notice that they call it a "projector" in the book. That may be just a tad misleading since it doesn't actually project anything, but all is well.

Check out some of the pages below!

A few months ago when I picked my dad up from the airport, he handed this over to me as a little surprise! He had found it at one of those airport gift shops and thought of me. I vividly remember him surprising me with things like this when I was a young kid too, so it brought back some great memories of growing up. A big thanks to him!

If you're interested in picking this up as well, you can find it on Amazon using the direct link below. Have fun!

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