Monday, April 11, 2016

The Good Dinosaur: Action Arlo and Spot Figure Set

tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot

Here we have one of the newest additions to the TOMY The Good Dinosaur toy line up: Action Arlo and Spot! This figure 2-pack includes a never before released Arlo (with sounds and running action) and a brand new Spot figure. Really fantastic stuff! Let's take a closer look at some of the details.

Your first question might be, "are these figures in conjunction with TOMY's main Good Dino action figure line?" The answer would be yes. Though this Arlo is a little bigger than the standard, non electronic "large" Arlo, this is just to better accommodate the running feature. Other than that, this Arlo goes great with the rest of the collection. As for Spot, he's the exact same scale as the other two Spot figures released so far (see Spot with Lizard and Spot with Giant Beetle).

tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot
tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot

The included Spot was one of the main aspects of this set that I was really attracted to. The only two Spot figures released previously (as seen in the links above) both had biting and chomping expressions, which was fine, but I was really hoping for a Spot with a more "pleasant", neutral look. I got my wish here! And it's a really great looking figure.

tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot

Let's dive into some of the features. Note- I didn't fully take Arlo out of the package, but I did open Spot up. With Spot out, all the features can be tested right there in the box (so I figured I'd keep this one nice for future play).

tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot

What's really cool is that both Arlo and Spot have magnets inside them. Just place Spot on Arlo's back (you'll feel him stick right on him) to activate the various sounds! Remove and replace Spot to hear more (different howls, laughs, grunts and giggles), or just move him back him back and forth.

tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot
tomy the good dinosaur action arlo and spot

Pulling the trigger under Arlo's tail [repeatedly] will activate even more sounds (Arlo foot steps and dialogue) and "running action." Here's a list of the different phrases you'll hear:
  • "Good boy Spot!"
  • "I sure appreciate you lookin' out for me."
  • "Spot can sniff out anything."
  • "We're almost there Spot!"
  • "How'd you get your scar?" 

See and hear it for yourself in my brief video demonstration below!

This is an extremely cool toy set that young Good Dino fans (or the young at heart) will love and appreciate. Both characters feel durable and well made (not to mention the sculpts have near perfect likenesses) and the sounds/action features are super fun. I have no complaints here! Definitely pick this one up on Amazon using the link below or visit your local Target or Toys R Us stores (in store, retail is $29.99).

Have a blast! 

UPDATE 11/25/20- I finally took this toy out of the package to photograph it for the film's 5th anniversary today! I wanted to share the the shot I captured for Instagram here:


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