Sunday, April 3, 2016

Up: iPhone 6 Case (Disney Parks Exclusive)

disney pixar up iphone 6 case

It's that time. Yup, iPhone upgrade time...which means it's time for yet another new Pixar iPhone case! I'm about to switch over to the 6 (my 5s is so done and I can't take it anymore), so I knew I needed a new case per usual. But with so many options out there, where was I to begin? I've had some super cool cases in the past such as the Buzz Lightyear one (with pop-out wings), the cubie Pixar collection one and the Inside Out one.

Well, I left that up to my wife to decide.

On my Easter basket list, I mentioned a "new Pixar iPhone case", but I didn't give any specifics. I wanted to be surprised! Ultimately, she ended up making the perfect choice.

This Disney Parks Authentic D-TECH Up case is what she came up with and I love it! I couldn't have made a better selection myself. I love the minimal Up house/balloons image, the bright colors and the rubber material which outlines the case for better grip.

disney pixar up iphone 6 case

As soon as I get my upgrade, I'll update this post with any final thoughts and pictures (I'm also curious if this also fits the 6s?). As of now, I think it's great and I highly recommend it to any Disney·Pixar Up fan. I don't believe this is still sold in the Disney parks (correct me if I'm wrong), so eBay might be your best bet if you're interested. Check out this direct link to current listings.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! 

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