Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Up: "An Unlikely Adventure" Postcard by Joey Chou

pixar up postcard joey chou

A couple weeks ago, I posted THIS fantastic The Good Dinosaur postcard by a newfound favorite artist of mine, Joey Chou. Well it looks like Mr. Chou has been hard at work, as he recently released another outstanding piece of brilliance- this wonderful Disney·Pixar Up themed print entitled "An Unlikely Adventure."

Again, Joey's use of straight lines, texture, basic geometric shapes and bright colors (as well as pastels) makes for a really unique looking and beautiful minimalist design. His style is out of this world!

pixar up postcard

I found this at the Wonderground Gallery (in Disney Springs) during our Disney World trip last week. I was so excited since I had seen images of this design online, but hadn't expect to come across it! Note: This is also available at the California Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney.

This was the most affordable way to purchase the print, but there was a larger size (ideal for mounting/framing) and a wrapped canvas version at the gallery as well (that's the one I would have loved to get). Check out some of my pics from there at the gallery below!

pixar up postcard joey chou
pixar up postcard joey chou

Joey, you've officially made it on my shortlist of favorite Disney artists! I greatly look forward to checking out all of your older designs as well as what's in store for the future.

Find out more about Joey Chou and his art on his Tumblr, blog, and Facebook page

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