Monday, September 26, 2016

Finding Dory: Zuru Robo Fish Coffee Pot Playset

finding dory zuru toys coffee pot playset

A couple weeks back, I posted my long overdue write-up of the really fun Finding Dory swimming Robo Fish collection from Zuru Toys (check it out HERE). Today, as promised, I'm continuing on with that line and taking a look at the corresponding Coffee Pot Playset with exclusive swimming Dory with transfer tag!

This is a must have if you're collecting this line of Robo Fish. Not only is it worth it for the exclusive Dory, but it's also just a really fun way to take the imaginative play up a notch. It's perfect for kids who want to recreate Dory's memorable adventure in the Marine Life Institute as she searches for her long lost parents. It's as close as you can get to having a real life Dory and the actual Coffee Pot prop from the film! 

finding dory zuru toys coffee pot playset

Just fill up the pot with water and you're set to go. Like with the rest of the Robo Fish, this plastic Dory is battery operated and water activated (three button cell batteries are required and already installed- three extra batteries are included). As soon as the she hits the water, the two carbon sensors will kick in and trigger her lifelike swimming movement. On the flip side, she will stop moving when taken out of the water. No need for any kind of ON/OFF switch! It's really neat how it all works.

Though the space is small, Dory swims around the perimeter of the pot pretty well. After swimming for an extended period of time, Dory will "fall asleep." To wake her up, just tap on the pot and she will "just keep swimming."

finding dory zuru toys coffee pot playset

Dory is just over four inches long. The coffee pot itself is entirely made of plastic and is about eight inches high and just under eight inches wide.

finding dory zuru toys coffee pot playset

Original retail for this was $19.99, but it's currently on sale on Amazon for just $12.99 (direct link below). Though this was released back in early May, you can still find it easily in stores at Target, Walmart or Toys R Us.

Kids, as well as adult collectors looking to display a cool Finding Dory prop, will love this. Highly recommended! UPDATE- video unboxing added below. Feel free to "like" and subscribe :)


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