Saturday, September 17, 2016

Finding Dory: "Swigglefish" Collection WAVE 2

Swigglefish are back in a brand new "wave" (Get it? Like the ocean?) of characters! Bandai Toys released the initial collection back in May and, as promised, additional characters are now hitting shelves (with even more on the way later this year). To view my full write-up and overview of the line thus far, check out my original post right HERE. This collection has been one of my Finding Dory favorites, so I'm very happy that it's continuing.

To catch you up, here's some info on exactly what these are. These are the only Finding Dory figures that have "motion outside of the ocean" (As Bandai has stated). Each plastic "fish" (even though they're not all technically fish) has a wheel underneath which triggers a unique "swimming" movement when the character is rolled along a hard surface. They "swim" and they "wiggle" get it! They are about three to four inches in size. Note- these are not intended for water use.

In this new trio released a few weeks back (which I found these at Toys R Us for $6.99 each), we have a new version of Dory (with tag), a new version of Hank (camouflaged black, also semi-translucent) and Mr. Ray. They all look awesome! And yes, this character selection is very reminiscent of what Bandai included in the second series of Finding Dory blind bags. Let's take a closer look at each one below-

Dory (with tag)
finding dory swigglefish dory with tag
finding dory swigglefish dory with tag
finding dory swigglefish dory with tag

Hank (Black Camouflage)
finding dory swigglefish black hank
finding dory swigglefish black hankfinding dory swigglefish black hank

Mr. Ray
finding dory swigglefish mr. ray
finding dory swigglefish mr. ray
finding dory swigglefish mr. ray

Here's the new cardback featuring wave two characters-

finding dory swigglefish series 2

According to the Bandai press release from earlier this year, there will be 18 Swigglefish figures launched in 2016. With these three added to the collection, that makes 12 so far. Wave three is set to hit soon and will include Crush, Baby Dory and "Tile" Hank. If the plan for 18 this year still stands, that means there are still three unknown characters set to be released in a wave four! Who could they be? Who would you want to see included? Stay tuned right here for more info soon.

Also, look for a video on my YouTube channel of these in action next week and feel free to subscribe! It will be posted as soon as my new computer comes.

UPDATE: Here's the video at last—


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