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Toy Story: Sid's Room Figure Gift Pack (Hasbro, 2001)

hasbro toy story sid's room gift set

Only three days (ish) until my new computer comes! I seriously cannot wait guys and I look forward to giving you more content than ever before. This is the first post I've been able to get to all week, due to the aforementioned technical difficulties, so I'm thrilled that my current computer is cooperating today (again, barely).

Clear back in March of this year, I purchased and posted about the 2001 Hasbro Andy's Room Figure Gift Pack from the "Toy Story and Beyond" line of toys. I'm happy to report that I finally tracked down the [even cooler] second set in this series, the fantastic Sid's Room Figure Gift Pack! This one was much harder to find (at least for an affordable price), but after searching and waiting for months, I prevailed. I knew one would pop up on eBay eventually (I ended up paying around $40).

hasbro toy story sid's room gift set

Once again, this is a really nice bunch of figures overall. I always enjoy going back to some of the old items that I missed out on back in the day. This set is particularly special, since there are very, very few products out there based on any of Sid's mutant toys. These are the only toys I have of Legs, Roller Bob, Ducky and Hand-in-the-Box (not to mention they're some of the only officially licensed versions of these characters out there in general); so I'm excited to finally have them, as well as this particular version of Baby Head (or "Baby Face" as I call it) and Buzz with rocket, represented in my collection!

By the way, the only other "official" toys out there of Roller Bob and Hand-in-the-Box (that I'm aware of) are also from Hasbro (seen below). These ones though, also from Hasbro's "Toy Story & Beyond" line (which got a bit too silly for my taste so I never bought them), are more chunky and stylized and are part of a separate assortment of figures geared more toward younger kids.

Lets take a closer look at each of the six mini figurines! Each character stands at about 2"- 3.5" tall, is made of a PVC plastic and stays true to the look and style of the film (definitely for slightly older kids/collectors). With that, also keep in mind that none of the figures are posable or have any kind of articulation. 

Baby Head
toy story baby face figure
toy story baby face figure

toy story sid's mutant hand in box

toy story sid's mutant ducky

toy story sid's mutant legs

Roller Bob
toy story sid's mutant roller bob

Buzz Lightyear (strapped to THE BIG ONE)
toy story buzz the big one rocket
toy story buzz the big one rocket

This is a great gift pack for kids to play with, as well as for older collectors to display! Man, I would have loved to see the other mutants include as well, such as Jingle Joe, Rockmobile, the frog, walking car and pterodactyl head Sally...but oh well; it's still a pretty sweet selection here. If I've piqued your interest in tracking this down, keep a look out on eBay using this direct link (there aren't any complete sets currently listed, but one shows up every month or so).

Have fun! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

toy story sid's room mutant toys gift pack
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UPDATE 10/26/21—Added a detailed YouTube video review you can watch below.

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