Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finding Nemo: Dory "Got A Problem Buddy?" Men's Tee

dory problem buddy men's tee disney parks

"You got a problem buddy? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?" is another one of my all time favorite Dory quotes from Finding Nemo. I'm sure most of you can hear it and see it in your mind as you read this. Once again, the way Ellen delivered that line, as well as Dory's brilliant facial expression concocted by the animators, is just so hilarious to me. It gets me every time! I find myself quoting it pretty often too. With that said, as soon as I saw this Disney Parks exclusive men's shirt during our most recent Disney World trip this past Spring, it immediately went on my "must have" list!

This tee, compared to the similar "Mr. Grumpy Gills" shirt (which I showed off HERE), honestly isn't quite as soft and is not nearly as fitted. I had to go for it though for the graphic alone, which, I know, seems silly if I don't love how it fits. I guess I just loved the design too much to pass up!

dory problem buddy men's tee disney parks

If you're interested in picking this up, I ended up purchasing this at Mouse Gears in Epcot; but I also saw it at the SeaBase gift shop (over by The Seas with Nemo and Friends) and in Animal Kingdom at the Island Mercantile shop. I'm not sure if it's anywhere at Disney Springs or Disneyland, but it's possible! If you're not heading to the parks any time soon, don't forget that you can always use the Shop Disney Parks app.

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