Thursday, November 3, 2016

Finding Dory: Disney Store Nemo Mini Bean Bag Plush

Finding Dory Nemo Mini Bean Bag Plush Disney Store

Back in April of this year, the Disney Store launched their collection of Finding Dory plush toys featuring some of your favorite characters from the film. I've been really into collecting plush from each new Pixar film lately, so I was really looking forward to these. This week I'll be showing off each one (which I got back in May for my birthday...yah these have been a long time coming) starting today with the mini bean bag plush Nemo!

Note- I already posted/reviewed some of the plush over the last few months (such as the trio of sea lions and baby Dory), so be sure to check out those if you missed my write-ups.

Finding Dory Nemo Mini Bean Bag Plush Disney Store

This is a pretty basic plush, so there's nothing too much to report. He's super adorable, has a nice likeness to the character (of course they didn't miss the "lucky fin" detail), is pretty soft and measures about seven inches long. He's also covered with subtle sparkles, which I thought was a cute touch. Overall, like most Disney Store plush, this one feels nicely stitched and quality made.

You can find this currently at your local Disney Store or online HERE for $9.95. I should also note that, if you're looking for one that's a bit bigger, there's also a medium size 15" non-bean bag version of Nemo as well (seen HERE for $19.95).

Every little Nemo fan needs a plush version of their favorite clownfish. Be sure to pick yours up soon before this version is gone!

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