Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Monsters University: Disney Store JOX Pin

monsters university JOX pin disney store

Here's a little bit of a random item, but a pretty cool one nonetheless! This Monsters University JOX (short for the Jaws Theta Chi fraternity) pin was available exclusively at the Disney Store back in 2013 around the time of the film's release. For the most part, the Disney Store (not meaning the Disney Parks gift shops but the actual "Disney Store") has stopped carrying pins of any kind for a while now, so this was an exciting exception for pin collectors at the time.

I acquired this recently as it was included for free with one of my eBay Monsters University plush purchases. It was a nice little bonus! I love when sellers throw in extra treats. This isn't something I would have gotten otherwise, but I'll take any free Pixar merch.

monsters university JOX pin disney store

Of course all six Monsters U fraternities/sororities were released in this pin series, all featuring their logo and members in the same style as this one. You can view them all in THIS photo.

Want to add this pin or any of the others to your collection? Then be sure to check out current eBay listings right HERE and remember that the use of any illegal protective gel is cause for elimination from the Scare Games. ;)

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