Friday, May 12, 2017

Cars: J. Shoesteer

Cars J. Shoesteer

Finally, here we have the very last 2016 Mattel 1:55 scale Cars diecast that I needed for my collection— J. Shoesteer! Now I'm officially all caught up with last year's characters. For whatever reason, J. here (and his entire case for that matter) had an extremely limited distribution in the US (outside of Disney Parks, oddly enough) and I never found him in stores. A few week's back I finally caved and ordered him on Amazon for around $11. Totally worth it!

As shown in the screenshot above, J. Shoesteer is a rusty car seen in the front row of the Rust-eze sponsor tent after the film's opening race. Once again, Mattel outdid themselves with the rust/dirt paint application here. They've really mastered that!

mattel Cars J. Shoesteer

He is part of the 2016 "Rust-eze Racing" sub-series (#7/12). Let's take a closer look out of the package!

mattel Cars J. Shoesteer

J. in the movie, I'd say, is more of a pink color (this one leans more on the brown side), but that's the only little thing that could be considered a negative by diehard fans. Other than that, the detail and likeness is spot on and it's a fantastic diecast overall. It's cool to have another awesome never before released character.

mattel Cars J. Shoesteer

TRIVIA: J. Shoesteer is named after Jay Shuster, a Pixar Studios employee who works as a character/environment designer and sketch artist (he was also a concept artist on the first two Star Wars prequel films). He is one of many Pixarians who's name has been "carified" by Mattel.

If you had trouble finding this one in stores too, you can always browse current eBay listings via THIS LINK or shop on Amazon using the direct link below. Happy hunting to all my fellow collectors! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Were you able to find J. at a store near you?

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