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The Music of Pixar LIVE! Review (Featuring Cars 3 Score Sneak Peek)

"At Pixar, music is fundamental to our storytelling. It takes you on an emotional journey, bringing you into the world of a toy, a super hero, a race car, a fish, a monster, even an old man and his floating house." - John Lasseter

For those who've gotten to know me through my blog posts here, you may know how important Pixar scores (and all musical film scores for that matter) are to me. The instrumental themes, motifs and lyrical songs in each Pixar film hold a special place in my heart. To echo what John Lasseter masterfully said in the quote above, the music of Pixar is a fundamental part of each story and truly helps bring out that honest emotion in each and every one of their films. For example, you know those chills (and most likely tears) you get during the end scene of Toy Story 3? Much of that [perhaps subconsciously] has to do with the music.

The Music of Pixar LIVE! review

With that said, I'm sad that I won't be attending the new show "The Music of Pixar LIVE" at Disney's Hollywood Studios (which just began on Friday, May 26th, and will continue through the end of this summer), which features a live orchestra playing many memorable Pixar tracks. The good news is, thanks to The Dis YouTube channel, you and I and everyone throughout the world can still catch the FULL performance virtually! Here are my thoughts on it.

The Music of Pixar LIVE! review

The show lasts about 50 minutes and features many outstanding cues from Toy Story, Cars, Up, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. AND gives you a sneak peek at Randy Newman's brand new, never before heard score for Cars 3 (with new footage)!! Be sure to check it out in the embedded video above (the Cars 3 segment begins right at the 11 minute mark and runs to about the 12:50 mark).

Overall this show looks like a lot of fun. Live orchestra music is something everyone needs to experience, especially when it comes to the beautiful music of Pixar. It was also very cool to see how they incorporated a handful of costumed characters on stage, as well as behind the scenes clips of Pixar filmmakers discussing the scores for their films. I could listen to those guys talk all day. If I had one complaint, I would have loved to see them preform cues from Finding Dory and Monsters University (they're referenced and clips are shown, but no music from either of those films is actually played there live). Heck, I would have loved to see each film represented with a track or two (especially Inside Out and Ratatouille), but that's just me! Other than that, the song choices that ended up making the cut were really spot on. Solid selections.

The Music of Pixar LIVE! review

Back in 2013, I did have the opportunity to see a similar show, Pixar in Concert (check out my full post on that HERE) in Salt Lake City which was AMAZING. You can read up on all my thoughts regarding everything Pixar music related by clicking on the "soundtracks" label to the right of this page.

Have you watched The Music of Pixar LIVE? Did you see it in person there at Hollywood Studios? What did you think? Shout out all your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: See director Pete Docter introduce the performance during the May 25th preview night HERE.

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