Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PAGE UPDATE- Finding Nemo Character Connection Limited Edition Mystery Pin Collection

Hey everyone! Today's post is both a page AND life update. I know it's been way too long and I feel awful about not getting to my daily I just wanted to give you a brief update with what's going on. The good news (and you might know this already if you follow me on Twitter) is that the reason I've been so busy is that my wife Brita and I just closed on our first house on May 11th! Since then we have been nonstop at work on it, getting our life organized and moved in over there. When I'm not working on the house until all hours of the night, I'm at my day job— so you can imagine why I've had zero time lately.

Speaking of that, I have to get to work now— but I'm really glad I had a couple of minutes open to write a quick post here for you guys. I have SO many amazing items right now that I'm dying to share with you, so I can't wait until my posts get more consistent again!

Until then, enjoy this page update to my 2016 Finding Nemo Character Connection Mystery Puzzle Pins post. As seen above, I finally got Bruce! This Bruce pin was part of the loving Easter basket that Brita (and the Easter Bunny) made for me last month (it's crazy I'm just getting to it now). Visit the original post HERE for more on the entire collection— which includes this update and gives you a look at who I have and who I still need!

Stay tuned.

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