Sunday, May 28, 2017

Toy Story: Funko Pint Size Heroes (Disney Series 1)

funko pint size heroes disney toy story

Early last fall, Funko introduced yet another lineup into their large family of pop culture collectible vinyl characters... Pint Size Heroes! These are following in the footsteps of Funko's other successful lines such as their [insanely popular] "POP!" figures, Mystery Minis and Dorbz (to name just a few). Ultimately these are basically the same shape and style as Dorbz, just much smaller. Pint Size Heroes are SUPER tiny— about 1.5" in size (see them compared to my hand in the photo above).

This Disney series of "Pint Size Heroes" arrived just last month (right around mid April) and is currently available at Hot Topic stores, Walmart, etc. in blind bags. You can see the full set of 12 in the press image below:

toy story funko pint size heroes

Interestingly there are two villains in the series (Ursula and Zurg), so maybe it should have been called Pint Size Heroes & Villains? 🤔

Of course I was only interested in picking up Buzz, Zurg and the Pizza Planet Alien— the three Pixar characters! Let's take a closer look at this Toy Story trio below. They're super, super cute. I really dig the look of all three of these guys.

Note: The heads to turn a full 360°, so I guess you could say they have one point of articulation. 

Buzz Lightyear
toy story funko pint size heroes buzz
toy story funko pint size heroes buzz

toy story funko pint size heroes zurg
toy story funko pint size heroes zurg

toy story funko pint size heroes alien
toy story funko pint size heroes alien

I ended up resorting to eBay for these, since my chances of successfully picking them out of a case of blind bags was extremely slim. That just made it easier for I got a good deal for all three together from one seller. Normal retail for each blind bag is between $3.99 and $5.90 (depending on where you get them).

If you're a fan of collectible Disney figures, blind bags and/or Funko products, then these (along with the rest of this series) just might be for you. As Funko says, they may be small, but they pack a punch of personality!

Have you picked up any of these Disney Pint Size Heroes? Which are your favorites? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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